Halloween Make-up Tutorials

If you’ve got it, haunt it!

Check out Fatima Hussein’s glamorous Halloween make up tutorial. Inspired by soft, everyday make up, this one is going to have you lookin’ extra shimmery.

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In this second tutorial, Fatma’s created a fang-tastic Vampire look! Give it a go!


Fatma is a 25 year old passionate and creative writing artist. She writes to explore and challenge mental health, self (care, love, growth and more), conversations, thoughts, and identity. She has recently just started manga collecting and enjoys finding new hobbies to add to her long list of aspirations. She has collaborated with Valley Youth a few times now and enjoys the creativity of their collaborations and the opportunity to explore more of the creative community.


Violet has a great passion for filmmaking. Her obsession for film started out in high school when she began making short films.She studied filmmaking for a year and then went travelling which only made her passion grow even stronger. She has participated in a filmmaking workshops, and is am currently working on a new short film with other creatives including a few award-winning filmmakers. She will be continuing her film studies this year.