Look ‘N’ Listen Party Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the Look ‘N’ Listen Party! You’ve already LOOKED and now it’s time to LISTEN!

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Missed out on Part One? Never fear – you can find it here!

Part Two brings you daily episodes from ‘The Travelling Podcast’ recorded by the Young People’s Commitee! They set about Moonee Valley in the libraries and community spaces to ask YOU about ‘Happiness.’

From Tuesday 14 April to Tuesday 28 April* we will upload a new episode of the podcast here at 4pm. You can also find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and our Facebook page.

So get comfy, put your headphones on and enjoy 🎧😎🔊

This event is brought to you by the Valley Youth FReeZA Committee and Young People’s Committee.

*excluding weekends

The Travelling Podcast

Episode One: Viv and Acting

In the first episode of the Travelling Podcast, we hear from Viv, a local resident and young person from Moonee Valley. Viv discusses her love of acting, as well as how tips on how to keep positive mindset after performing a dramatic scene.

Episode Two: Dylan and Philosophy

In the second episode of the Travelling Podcast 25-year-old Dylan discusses philosophy and the importance of reflection.

Episode Three: Abbas and Andre

In the third episode of the Travelling Podcast Abbas and Andre sit down for a chat about art and gaming.

Episode Four: Micaela and Art

In this episode, Micaela talks about creativity, education and social media.

Episode Five: Nabil and Friends

In this episode of the series, Nabil talks about confidence and how his friends and family make him happy.

Episode Six: Eleni and Programming

In this episode of The Travelling Podcast, Eleni talks about her love of computer programming and how social media can impact your mental health.

Episode Seven: Kayla and Comicon

The Travelling Podcast interview Kayla, a 19-year-old Moonee Valley local discusses the benefits of sharing your feelings and going to therapy as well as the joys of Comicon.

Episode Eight: Amy and Friends and Family

In this episode, The Travelling Podcast sit down with Amy who talks about how her friends make her happy and her upcoming trip to France.

Episode Nine: Salim and Thomas

In this episode of the podcast Salim, 15, and Thomas, 16, talk about how their friends make them happy.

Episode Ten: Claire and Leadership

In the final episode of the Travelling Podcast, we hear from our host Claire on the joy she feels on her walk to school, her favourite podcasts and the importance of community.

That’s a wrap! Thank you for tuning in to The Travelling Podcast! Keep visiting the Events page for upcoming online activities.