Grade 6 – Transition Well

Feeling nervous about high school next year? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

We’ll be visiting Grade 6 classes throughout term four to give you the lowdown of Year 7. If you have any questions about high school, ask us! We’ll fill you in on how we can help you through it from managing your homework to keeping your friendships on track. PLUS, you’ll find out all about the other cool stuff you can do with us too, so keep an eye out for Valley Youth!

In 2018 we asked grade 6’s from Ascot Vale Primary School, Flemington Primary School, Keilor Heights Primary School and St. Vincent De Paul Primary School their thoughts on what was the biggest road safety issue they see. With their ideas, we teamed up with Youthworx to put them into this video! Check it out below:

In 2019 Valley Youth facilitated grade 6 workshops to support transitioning into Year7. The workshops included the following:
– what is mental health 
– things to do to maintain positive mental health and
 – identifying friends, adults and professionals they can turn to if they are feeling worried and stressed