New Murals at Queens Park Pool


The recently installed murals at Queens Park Swimming Pool are complete! If you’re in the area, be sure to admire these vibrant artworks and snap a selfie.

Have you spotted the bright new murals at Queens Park Pool? Valley Youth commissioned artist Kelsie Cosmic to paint two interactive murals featuring an insta worthy photo wall and local flora and fauna found in neighbouring Queens Park. The murals were designed in collaboration with Avenue Productions, Council’s creative events groups for young people aged 12 – 25.

Kelsie shared that her wish for people viewing the mural was to experience “that whimsical feeling you would get when you were a kid running to the pool and that magical feeling of summer.”

After over one month of installation, the artwork is finally complete. The project formed part of Council’s 2022/2023 Capital Works Projects aiming to create welcoming spaces for young people. Queen’s Park Pool is often utilised local primary and high schools for their swimming carnivals.

Supported by young people in the community

The young team at Avenue Productions have helped by:

  • – Assisting with the design of the artwork. The group selected colours, decided on the interactive elements of the mural and came up with the positive message painted on the kiosk.
  • – Taking part in a Q&A with Kelsie to learn about working in the creative industries and get tips for being a freelance artist.
  • – Helped oversee the progress of the installation
  • – Participating in a video highlighting the creation of the mural.

We’re so proud of the efforts of young people in Moonee Valley for assisting with such a beautiful asset to our community. The project was inspirational and moving for those who helped in its fruition.

‘I genuinely feel happy looking at this, it brings me so much joy’ –  Devni, Avenue Productions

About the artist:

Kelsie Cosmic is a Kiwi artist based in Melbourne Australia. She is inspired by the mystical & surreal world that lies just beyond our perception. She creates whimsical worlds that shine bright with colour and her style is reminiscent of 1960s psychedelic pop art. Her work spans across multi-dimensional art realms including digital, textile, murals and painted works and reflects my lifelong journey into the mysteries of soul consciousness, psychedelic experiences and inspiring positive mental health. Kelsie works with like minded clients from all around the world to create bespoke art for all things print, digital, textile, branding and murals. You can find more of Kelsie’s work via her website and social media @kelsiecosmic.

Watch the video on the creation of the mural below.

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